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As energy prices continue to rise, many people have begun to search for alternatives to heat their homes. Wood stoves are becoming more and more popular among people who want to heat their homes on a budget. Wood-burning stoves can be appropriate for houses as well as apartments, and you can even turn your old fashioned fireplace into a wood-burning stove. If you want to learn more about these stoves, then please take the time to read through our list of articles.

Helpful Sites

Historic Properties

AntiqueAppliances.com - America's #1 source for restoring antique and vintage stoves and refrigerators from the 20's to the 60's.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal — The magazine of modern homesteading.

Types of Wood Stoves

The Amish stove is an old-fashioned but great way to “go off the grid” and cook without electricity.

Antique Cook
Antique wood burning cook stoves can be of interest to the casual antique collector and the serious cooking buff.

Antique Stove
Antique wood burning stoves are fine pieces of antique furniture, and a good many of them are still functional.

Antique Wood
An antique stove is very effective heating sources for small and large spaces.

Antique Wood Stove Part
Your antique stove might be in good working order, but you mind need to replace a few antique wood stove parts.

Find out about a good stove for your backpacking expedition.

A good option for a shed or garage.

Find out about some of the top rated heaters out there.

Check out choices for a good wood camp stove.

Cast Iron
Cast iron wood stoves are classic when it comes to design and use.

Find out the history of catalytic stoves.

A ceramic stove is a niche material but can add a lot of antique pizzazz to your home.

Understand how clearances affect the installation of your heater.

Cheap wood stoves are a good option for people on a tight budget who want to heat their houses effectively.

A discount wood stove can be the right answer when faced with rising energy prices.

A discount wood stove can be the right answer when faced with rising energy prices.

Double Sided
Very tough to find, especially here in the US.

Prices can fluctuate depending on the type of stove, season, and installation needs.

An electric wood stove can offer all the advantages of a wood burning stove without the hassle and mess.

A green way to add a wood stove fan to your setup!

A green way to add a wood stove fan to your setup!

Garden wood stoves can be decorative or utilitarian, depending on your preferences.

Outdoor wood stoves are an excellent alternative to using your kitchen or a grill during the dog days of summer.

An outside wood stove can serve many functions from back-up cooking appliance to an interesting conversation starter.

Patio wood stoves can be decorative, heating units, or even cooking appliances.

Soapstone wood stoves are attractive and a great way to evenly and cheaply heat your home.

A stove can be either a cooking appliance, a room heating appliance, or both at the same time.

A tent wood stove is a good option for tents and small camping areas.

Liability on a new home heater is something you definitely need to consider.

There are many elements to consider when you are searching for a great used wood stove.

The Victorian wood stove has a distinctive style due to its history in England.

The money you save on wholesale wood stoves can be passed to other accessories, parts, or stoves.

Get information on things that are easy to fix, and what to let the pros handle.

Lessen the chance of fire and burns around your home.

Wood burning stove inserts use simple principles of science to maximize the heat flow into your room.

Wood Burning Stoves
Wood burning stoves are now capable of heating small to medium spaces if placed in the right location.

Wood Gas Stove

Cook Stoves
Wood cook stoves are available in modern and in antique models.

A homemade wood stove project should be considered with care.

Fireplace Insert
A wood fireplace insert can optimize the heating potential of your wood fireplace.

Wood Stove
Wood stoves continue to grow in popularity as people seek alternative ways to heat their homes.

Wood stove accessories improve the performance and look of your wood burning stove.

A wood stove blower can circulate warm air throughout your house or create a draft to suck smoke and soot up a chimney.

Stove Insert
A wood stove insert will stop the heat from escaping through your chimney.

Wood stove installation begins with checking the chimney, stove pipe, and floors.

Wood stove chimneys are an important consideration in the installation process.

Wood stove parts can be functional or decorative.

Get tips on how to paint your stove.

Vermont Castings
Vermont Casting wood stoves are sophisticated in design and in use.

The Fischer wood stove can be very difficult to find today because it is no longer sold in North America.

Lopi wood stoves are designed to fit in a variety of spaces and fill many different needs.

Alaska Stove are a well-regarded American maker of wood, oil, and coal heaters.

Ashley is owned by Martin Hearth and Heating and is now a part of their catalogue.

A British maker of contemporary steel-iron hybrid stoves.

Warm Morning
An old maker of coal and wood burners.

Marine Stove
An old maker of coal and wood burners.

Country Comfort
A defunct company that made heaters through the mid-1990s.

Summers Heat
A brand of the England's Stove Works

Jotul is a long trusted brand-name in wood stoves, wood stove accessories, and wood stove inserts.

Country Flame
The originators of the "Smart Fireplace", the ductable fireplace insert.

Appalachian Stove
An Asheville, NC builder with 30 years experience

An offshoot of the popular Sierra company

Regency wood stoves meet high environmental and quality standards to bring you the best product.

A popular maker of gas and pellet burners.

Blaze King
Blaze King wood stoves are available in many different models for many different homes and environments.

Hearthstone uses the most durable materials to build the most unique and stylish wood stoves.

Explore the many reasons to look into purchasing an Avalon wood stove.

One of the leading makers in South America and Chile.

A Wisconsin furnace maker.

A Century wood stove can be one of the best ways to heat your home on a budget.

Napoleon wood stoves offer high quality and reasonably priced home heating solutions.

Dovre wood stoves offer European quality and affordable home heating solutions.

Garrison was very popular in the late 1970s and eighties but flamed out.

Garrison was very popular in the late 1970s and eighties but flamed out

Dutchwest wood stoves offer the best of Vermont Castings quality.

Elmira Stove Works
A great maker of antique style stoves!

Great UK craftsmanship with modern designs.

A New Zealand brand that has done well in the States.

Vogelzang offers German engineering in an American based stove manufacturer.

Drolet offers a strong Canadian heritage in a wide range of wood stove products.

Brunco has a long history of outstanding wood furnances and stoves.

Sierra has over 30 years experience with wood heating technology.

Timberline wood stoves are beautifully crafted and can be highly customized to match your home.

Read more on the innovative Taylor water stoves.

Rais have great Scandinavian contemporary stove designs.

Warnock Hersey
Understand what this label means for your stove.

Understand what this label means for your stove.

Empire Comfort Systems
This company has a wide variety of heating products.

Another big leader in stove technology.

Wood Stove Dealers
Where to find all of the top rated dealers.

Wood Stove Plans
Find plans for a homemade stove.



Other Types of Stoves

Alcohol stoves are light weight devises primarily used by hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Antique Gas
Antique gas stoves and ranges were a popular alternative to the larger, unwieldy wood stoves.

Antique stoves often pulled the double duty of cooking food and warming the household.

Antique Stoves
Antique stoves are fantastic appliances with big personality that hearken back to a different time.

There are two different types of camping stoves to fill different needs for different people.

Coleman stoves are the first choice for campers, hikers, cyclists, and anybody who needs a portable stove.

A corn stove uses renewable, cost effective fuel to heat your home.

Gas Fireplace
A gas fireplace is a good choice for many people seeking an alternative to traditional wood fireplaces.

Gel stoves are portable, solid fuel burning stoves with many advantages.

Pellet stoves are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to other heating sources.

Pot Belly
Pot belly stoves are classic examples of wood stove craftmanship.

Replica Antique
Replica antique stoves have the look of antique cooking ranges but all the advanced technological elements of the modern stove.

Stove Pipe
Be educated about the safety requirements of stove pipes before installing a wood stove.

Hearth Pads
Be educated about the safety requirements of stove pipes before installing a wood stove.

Wood Stove Grate
Increase the air flow and improve ash cleanup with this.

Wood Stove Thermometer
A proper temperature is critical to a stove's efficiency.

Viking stoves have had a stellar reputation since the first range shipped in 1987.

Cool Danish engineering and contemporary wood stoves.

An old steel workhorse that could handle dynamite, literally.

Federal Airtight
Get information on this old brand from the 70s and 80s.

All Nighter
A highly prized brand in the Northeast. Get information here.

A leading maker of furnaces and heaters

An out of business manufacturer that had some hot stoves!

A French manufacturer of the famous Petit.

A top name manufacturer from the UK.

An old Taiwanese stove knockoff maker.

Made some ugly heaters, but they were suprisingly effective.

They only make pellet heaters, and they are nice quality to boot.

Black Bart
They made nice dual fuel burners in the late 70s and 80s.

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