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Wood Stove Steamers

wood stove steamers

.Wood stove Steamers have become an essential accessory for any wood stove meant for residential heating. Keeping in mind the popularity of these steamers there are different types of steamers available in the market. From simple to fancy steamers can be used to produce effective results and adorn your fireplace at the same time. Porcelain steamers are also available to avoid the rusting of a cast iron steamer.

Why to use a Wood Stove Steamer?
When a wood stove is used, the heat released by the wood stove tends to make the air around it and in your home to dry. Due to dryness in the air people suffer from problems such as dry skin, chapped lips and sore throats. The problem can be overcome by placing a wood stove steamer on the top of your wood stove. This will increase the humidity in the air hence you will not suffer from dry air problems.

How does a wood Stove Steamer Work?
A simple wood stove steamer is like a pot of water which can be placed directly on to the top of your wood stove. The water inside the steamer boils by receiving heat from the wood stove. The steam produced from the boiling water is then released to the air which in turn humidifies the air near the wood stove and in your home. The water in the steamer needs to be refilled when empty.

Use of a Trivet:
When a wood stove steamer is directly placed on to the wood stove it might get damaged due to the exposure to direct and constant heat. To avoid this situation a trivet can be used. Trivet is like a small cast iron stand which can be place over the wood stove directly. The steamer should be now placed on the trivet creating a little spacing in between the wood stove and the steamer. This measure will enhance the life of a steamer as well as make it rustproof. Trivet also looks beautiful on a wood stove.

Quick Tips:

Along with using the steamer as a humidifier, you can also use it for spreading aromatic fragrances in the air. Add a few drops of essential oil or rose water in the pot filled with water and feel the lingering fragrance in the air. Different stove scents are also available for this purpose.

  • Increase the life of your wood stove steamer by using filtered water to fill it. This will prevent the lime scale deposits on your steamer.


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