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Buck Stove

Buck Stove Corporation was founded by Darius Buck in the year 1839. The first product launched by this company was an improvised version of wood cooking stove. The invention was meant for cooking and heating at the same time. Buck Stove Corporation is now the leading manufacturer of wide range of heating products such as stoves, heaters, lanterns and fireplaces.  The company is producing wood, gas, oil and coal stoves that match the latest technology.
The different models are:

Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves: There are 9 models available in this category. Theses stoves are designed to be used as a fireplace insert to masonry or prefabricated fireplaces. They come as stand alone stove; however there is an option to add Queen Anne legs or a pedestal to it. Different sizes model can be used to heat your home depending on the size of your home. Most models are ideal to be used for the heating capacity of 800-1800Sq.Ft. Model 85 is the high output and efficiency stove in the range of 45,000BTU/hr and heating capacity up to 27,000 Sq. Ft. Other liked models in this range are Model 18 and Model FS21. A touch of elegance can be added to your home by getting the models with 24K gold plated doors and overlays.
                                                                        Model FS21

Catalytic Wood Stove: To experience a continuous and long heating experience Catalytic Wood Stove from the series of Buck Stoves is ideal.  These models are high efficiency stoves with excellent heating capacity:

  • Model 20 in this category has the heating capacity of 1800Sq.Ft. with 37,500 BTU/hr. For easy operation the stove comes with an ash pan and standard blower.
  • Model 80: This model can be installed the way you like. It can be used as an insert or free standing. This model is suited to the most home needs. It has the heating capacity range of 1500-2600Sq.Ft. with EPA approved 40,500 BTU/hr
  • Model 91: This is a high performing stove with good looks. The stove can heat up easily 3200 Sq. Ft. with 50,400 BTU/hr. The model is power packed with the features like high efficiency blower; heat exchanger and air wash system. The option of gold glass door and windows is also available.

Buck Model 80
         Model 80

Zero Clearance Wood Stove: These models are an excellent option for renovations and newly constructed home. This would make your home interiors look astonishing backed with an excellent heating system. Buck Stoves provide three models in this latest innovation. Model 20 ZC, 74 ZC, and 80 ZC are all best performers in their capacities.
                                                               Buck Model 74 ZC
                                                                       Model 74 ZC


Coal Fueled and Hybrid Units:
Model 24: This stove uses coal for its heating. High quality cast iron is used to construct its body. The stove can heat 800-2500Sq.Ft. of area. Option to add a blower assembly as well.
Combo Coal and Wood Stove: This stove burns with the combination of coal and wood. The build of the stove is very strong with the use of a cast iron grates, steel body and brick firebox. This is will give you continued years of warmth and comfort with its heating capacity of 800-2500Sq.Ft.

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