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Wood Heat

Wood heat is going to be an important part of the overall energy infrastructure going forward. The
more I read about peak oil and overall issues with the electrical grid, the more having a different energy
source or a backup energy source makes sense. Oil and gas costs will only go up in the coming years.
Renewable energy is going to be the way of the future, and wood will be a big part of that.

Wood has an advantage in that it is available locally in many cases. If you’re lucky enough to have some
timber on your land, you could very well be set for years, with proper land management. Most people
looking for homestead concentrate on the soil quality, climate, transportation options, and local town.
In my opinion, the timber and wood situation is just as important, especially in most places in the central
and northern U.S. Having a great renewable fuel source that you can harvest is a nice security blanket
to have and will help you keep your costs down going forward. Relying on the roller coaster of heating
oil and gas is just too risky long-term, in my opinion. While wind and solar are nice to haves, they are
not great for use to power an electrical heating system. What happens if the winds not blowing and the
sun isn’t out? They really don’t have the horsepower for heating, and are better for powering lights,
fans, and other small appliances. Heating with electricity is generally not very efficient.

Especially in rural areas, the current power infrastructure is very vulnerable. In big storms, downed
power lines out in the country can take days to get restored. Oil and gas deliveries might be delayed.
Stoves give you heat, light and a cooking surface to boot.

I definitely see an increasing demand for wood heaters, even in more urban areas. Some are trying to
switch over from fossil fuels, others are just hedging their bets and having a back up. I truly believe in
getting more renewable heat sources available for citizens to help with our transition away from fossil





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