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Stovax and Gazco are the leading manufacturer of wood, multifuels, gas and electric stoves, fire and fireplaces in Europe for more than 25 years. Stovax is working to produce high quality products in different sizes, colors and models to suit your requirement and enhance your house ambience. The traditional crafted looks of the stove is backed by state of the art burning technology making Stovax Stoves impeccable in design and performance.

Both cast iron and steel stoves are available. The cast iron has always been the choice to produce high quality stoves as they are excellent for radiant heat transmission and can be moulded easily to form elegant body shapes. Heavy gauge steel is used in a modern scenario to form the body of the stove as it is a little bit cheaper. However the stove door and firebox remain cast iron. Both offer quality heating though.
Some of the top features of the Stovax Stoves is that it uses cleanburn technology which makes for less smoke emission and increased heat efficiency.
There are a range of stoves available from traditional to contemporary. There are seven models available in traditional range and 6 in contemporary.
Traditional Stovax Stoves:

  • Brunel: Compact stove available in various colors and three sizes with an output of 4kW, 6kW and 7kW. This is wood and multifuel stove with airwash system, boiler, and an external riddling grate. These are the highly efficient stoves with effiicieny of 80% with wood burning.
  • Huntingdon: This stove is designed in traditional gothic form and is available in 5 sizes. The stoves are also available without the tracery. It can efficiently burn wood, briquettes and smokeless fuel. All the models in this range are suitable for smokeless zones. The heating capacity of the smallest to largest model ranges from 4.9kW to 9 kW.
  • Regency: The stove was patented by Benjamin Franklin. The regency operates more like a traditional fire place and is available in three sizes.  The heat output the models being 6kW, 7.5kW and 9kW respectively.
  • Riva Plus: This is beauty and performance packed together stove. It has simple cleanburn and airwash control system. The stove is available in four sizes to meet the different heating requirements.
  • Sheraton: Truly classic with well defined lines the stove is suitable to both the modern as well as period houses. The stove has rear flue and efficient aeration system for clean combustion. Heating capacity is 8kW.
  • Stockton: This is the most extensive line of stoves produced by Stovax Stoves. There are 10 sizes available in this range which can match any of your heating requirements. Wide range of colors is also available in this. The heat output ranges from 3.75kW to 11kW fro different models and sizes.
  • Integral Boiler: This stove can be fixed to your central heating system to provide heating as well as hot water for domestic use. The stoves are available in 3 sizes. The smallest of all is capable of generating 4.9kW for room heating and 8.2kW for boiler.

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