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Soapstone Fireview

Soapstone Fireview

General Review:

The Soapstone fireview is the flagship model for the Woodstock stove company.

As a stone stove, you’ll have some pros and cons that go along with it.  The stone material tends to hold heat quite well over time, and radiates it nicely.  The flip side of this is that the stove takes a long time to heat up.  Consequently, its not a good unit to run sporadically; they’re best run for a long period to minimize the “warm-up” times.

The Fireview has the same issues.  However, people are generally satisfied as long as you know the limitations going in.  It has a very unique look that many people rave about and it is definitely eye-catching.  Soapstone occasionally has some good sales but generally expect to pay from $2000-$2300 per unit.  It’s a little more expensive than a comparable standard steel unit but its very well engineered.


People love the side loading option that gives plenty of space.  Despite the long warm up times, its easy to light, and you should be able to get 10 plus hour burns without too much trouble.  It burns very clean, especially when the catalytic converter is going.  It can evenly heat a house up to about 2000 sq. ft or so without a lot of extra air blowers.  The glass stays very clean and is easily wiped down if needed.


Although the side loading is convenient, the metal knob or handle can heat up so watch out.  The control for the draft also can be hard to reach and read properly.  As stated before, it can take a couple hours to really get up to full heating temperature.  You may need an additional heat source once you get much past a 2000 sq. ft area, especially in colder areas.

General Thoughts:

The Soapstone Fireview has gotten rave reviews over the years.  They are a little more pricy than steel but they have outstanding quality and are nice operating stoves.

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