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Osburn 1800 Wood Stove Review

General Review:
The Osburn 1800 is a wood burning fireplace that utilizes the power of a blower to deliver the heat throughout the house in a uniform and smooth manner.  This ensures the heat is distributed evenly throughout the home and that there are no cold spots.  This fireplace operates at about 70% efficiency, compared to other models that do not have a blower and which operate at 40-60% efficiency.  The fireplace uses an advanced wood combustion engine which includes secondary air being blown into the fireplace to get the wood started and to keep it going. This causes the wood to burn hotter, longer and more efficiently.  It also cuts down on emissions that seep into the atmosphere.  This model will burn logs up to 16 inches long and delivers 65,000 BTU per hour, which is enough to heat up to 1800 square feet. 

Key Features:
The Osburn 1800 has many great features that make it great for both small and large homes alike.  Even though it is small enough to fit in almost any home, it is large enough and powerful enough to heat up almost any home.  Below you will find a partial list of the features that this model offers:

  • The color is metallic black for a nice finish
  • 65,000 BTU capacity
  • The flue is 6” in diameter
  • Has the power to heat up to 1800 square feet
  • 130 CFM blower
  • Cleans itself with air
  • Glass door which is break-resistant along with a cast iron frame for durability
  • Door handle is adjustable
  • 1.8 cubic foot firebox volume
  • Can fit up to 16 inch long logs

The Osburn 1800 model has many great features that make it a great fireplace for your small to medium sized home.  Below you will find some of the advantages of the model:

  • Includes a 130 CFM blower to ensure it heats you entire house
  • 70% efficiency compared to its competitors’ 40-60%
  • Can burn logs up to 16 inches long
  • 65,000 BTU per hour
  • The price is reasonable, at around $1750

Despite the advantages that the fireplace has, there are also some distinct disadvantages that might make you think twice before purchasing it.  These are:

  • May not be powerful enough to heat up your entire house – especially if your house is much larger than 1800 square feet.  In this case, you will want to go for a larger model.
  • The design may feel a little awkward at first and it may be difficult to get the logs in, especially when there is a fire already going.

Final Thoughts:

As a general opinion, the Osburn 1800 fireplace is great for those that want to supplement their current heating system in large homes or entirely replace it in small homes.  Remember that the fireplace is only rated up to 1800 square feet, so for most split level homes, you will need either two fireplaces or some additional heat source.  The fireplace is very stylish and efficient, while only taking up a small amount of space, meaning it should fit easily in most homes. 



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