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Lopi Revere

General Review:

For decades, the Lopi name has become something of an industry standard due to the consistency of the quality of the heating products they produce, whether wood stoves or fireplace inserts. Able to adapt with ever-improving technology, Lopi continues to make impressive heating appliances that can cater to different sized houses. The Revere, for example, is a mid-sized fireplace insert for mid-sized homes that have fireplaces, and is ideal for people who want to cut down Winter heating expenses. While heating appliances that use wood already save a lot of money, the Revere has features that separate it from other inserts, making it a notch above most other heating appliances.

Key Features:

. The Lopi Revere has an emission rate of only 1.9 grams per hour.

. It has a heating capacity of 1,200 to 2,000 sq. feet.

. It has a firebox size of 2.2 cubic feet.

. It can accommodate logs as long as 18 inches.

. It has a maximum burn time of 10 hours.

. It has an energy efficiency rating of 78%.


For a mid-sized fireplace insert, the Revere is pretty big, which is a good thing. One reason why it's big is because it has probably the biggest firebox any insert of the same size can have. The firebox can accommodate up to 18-inch logs which can be arranged crosswise or lengthwise for better heating efficiency. It has an emission rate of only 1.9 grams per hour, making it one of the cleanest burning mid-size fireplace insert in the market today. It can heat houses up to 2,000 sq. feet large, making it also one of the strongest and most cost efficient heating appliances today. It can also achieve a maximum burn time of 10 hours, which is definitely a bonus especially on long, freezing Winter nights. It also comes with Lopi's standard five-sided convection system which uses natural air flow to get the fire going, but a buyer can also choose to buy the optional convection fan to get the fire burning much more quickly.


Surprisingly, however, the Lopi Revere lacks an ash pan, which is pretty standard among most other fireplace inserts. One has to clean it like a regular fireplace, which, though unfortunate, doesn't really take up much time. Some buyers did find the damper controls a little hard to get used to, but they didn't have any more problems once they got used to it after that.

Final Thoughts:

There aren't many heating appliances that perform as well as the Revere. While it does have minor issues like the absence of an ash pan, these are far outweighed by its advantages, like how it has perhaps the largest firebox of any mid-sized insert in the market today, or how it's one of the cleanest burning inserts ever made. It is certainly worth, and certainly worth including in the legacy of Lopi.

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