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Lopi Pioneer

Lopi Pioneer

The Lopi Pioneer Bay is a nice looking insert and stove.  It’s the smaller brother of the Yankee Bay.  Its made by Travis Industries so its also the same as the Avalon Newport as well, so if you’re comparing prices, those are interchangeable.

It’s rated to 1600 sq ft.  It can do that size but will need to be turned up to near max so keep that in mind.  It has a nice array of extra options, such as a wall thermostat and remote control.

The big difference between the stove and insert is the pellet capacity.  The stove has a 55 hour burn time while the insert only goes about 35 hours.

Some users complain about extra soot caking on the windows.   This may be due to an overly smoky fire as it doesn’t seem to be widespread.  Bad pellets can definitely be a problem with this unit, so go for quality.  The air flow input can be a little finicky too.  It should be configured to the changed heat level on the stove to compensate for extra air needs.

The remote control can also get a little fussy, especially after changing the batteries.  You may need to resync the remote to the receiver to keep it working after a change. 

One other quirky piece about this stove is on the air intake pipe.  There is a premade hole left there which may seem unusual, especially if you are configured to use outside air.  According to their techs this is normal, not a manufacturing issue.  I believe it may be a “safety valve” of sorts.

We try to bring these details to your attention to help make a better stove decision, not to nitpick on the Pioneer.  Overall, it is a nice burning stove and is well regarded by its users.


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