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Hunter Stoves

Hunter Stoves have been providing efficient heating solutions in home heating since last 40 years. All these years, Hunter has evolved itself as the major stove producing company in Britain and Ireland. Each stove is produced with excellent built in features that provide optimum heating solution. The stoves are the toughest of their kind with their body made up of 5 mm thick steel. There is large number of models available for you to choose from according to your budget and heat requirements. Some models are traditional yet high performing; others are using the most advance heating system. Hunter Stoves also deals in Cleanburn stoves. Cleanburn stoves are highly environment friendly with very low carbon emission. This low emission is accomplished by the technology called tripleburn. The technology enables the fuel to burn completely with the help of three streams of air forced into the stove. The process releases very little gas to the atmosphere thus making it clean and safe.

All the Cleanburn models have been tested at the Danish testing Institute for their Eco-friendliness. Different Models available are:

    • Lovenholm: This is slim looking very beautifully crafted heating stove which uses tripleburn technology for low carbon emission.
    • Sonderskoven: This is meant for larger heating requirements. This big size stove has an output of 7kW and is highly efficient for any fuel types. There are different looking models available under this category.
    • Norreskoven: The maximum heat output of this stove is 4.9 kW. The sides of the stove use convection heating for improved performance.

    Hunter Lovenholm

    Some of the best Hunter Stoves are:

    • Kestrel 5: This is a multifuel stove which compliments the looks of a modern house. Maximum output of the stove is 4kW. Woods and other solids are used as fuels. Other features are hot airwash and easy operation. The cool touch handle of the stove will avoid any burning while riddling the grate.
    • Herald 5 Inset and Slimline: Both the stoves have same specifications. The only difference is that Slimline can be easily fitted in smaller areas. The heating capacity of both is 4-5kW.
    • Herald 6 and Hearld 6 Double side: Herald 6 stove is an award winner stove. The style and performance of the stove is remarkable. These are the medium sized stoves with the heating output of 6.5kW.
    • Herald 8, Herald 8 Slimline, Herald 8 Central Heating and Herald 8 Double Sided: These multifuel stoves are intricately designed to give you overnight warmth and heating without any re-laying. These models have different outputs. Herald 8 delivers up to 11kW, Herald Slimline gives 6kW, Central heating stove gives 2.5kw and double sided gives 11kw output.
    Inglenook and Inglenook High Output: These stoves come with traditional looks and advance performance. The canopy on the top looks very attractive. Double door adds more glamour to your heating experience. Maximum output of Inglenook is 7kW and Inglenook High Output is 12kW.

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