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Drolet Compak DB03060

Drolet Compak Model# DB03060

The Drolet Compak Wood Stove is a simple, yet useful stove that will provide excellent and consistent heating in most areas. You may be at a cottage or camping—either way, you will enjoy the use of the Droplet Compak more than any other stove of its kind.
This stove is not complex, nor is it too big to transport through rooms, or locations. There may be some minor issues in terms of the chimney system when transporting the stove across immense distances, but is often extremely useful with excellent ease while heating.
Usually, shipping is included in all orders due to its price, but the price is often low for most people. It usually depends on where you live in the world, but for the time being, it is only U.S. approved.

Key Features

  • Controlled-combustion stove.
  • Freestanding leg model.
  • Easy-to-use single air-intake control.
  • Stainless steel baffle.
  • Size not too big; not too heavy either.
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution.

In terms of this model, the specifications include wood as the type of fuel, and a recommended surface of 500 - 1,200 sq ft. The maximum output (seasoned cord wood) is 77,000 BTU/h. The color is charcoal, and does not come in any other variations. The exterior dimensions of this model in particular are 18.0" wide, 25.0" deep, and 27.75" high.
The recommended chimney diameter is 6”, with a maximum chimney height of 12’. The firebox dimensions (interior) are 13.5” wide and 17.25” deep. The door opening dimensions, something you must consider when buying wood because some pieces of wood may not fit through, or inside the stove, 11.25" wide and 10" high. The exhaust pipe diameter is 6”, and the type of chimney is 2,100 degrees F / 650 degrees C.
The doors on this model and most of the other Droplet Compak models are made out of clean glass that is hard to damage, without any effects of condensation. Usually, the warranty will last a lifetime because these things tend to be hard to repair, but also hard to break.

The Compak Wood Stove has many advantages when compared to other wood-burning stoves. It is highly energy efficient and can hold flames going for periods of five to nine hours with little effort to keep the flame going. It uses at least 1/3 less wood than older stoves aging at least 5 years. This is also the case when being compared to some of the newer stoves, allowing you to use less wood for more energy, and for longer periods of time. The structure of the stove provides consistent warmth on even the coldest days in absolutely any shop or room.
Absolutely no cleaning is required in terms of the fire view, because it has a built-in air-wash system that keeps the glass clean for viewing. You can keep a clean and effortless glass, rather than having to clean it after certain periods of time, like you do in many other stoves that do not provide this built-in system.
In terms of the quality of this stove, most would agree that it is excellent. It is highly energy efficient and provides enough heat to warm up any room during the winter. It has advantages in terms of the resources required to start up, and keep a flame going, and would be recommended to anyone who is looking for a small, yet efficient stove.

The major disadvantages of this stove in particular is the fact that it is often recommended as only an additional heating source to your primary household heating source. It does not generate enough heat to keep an entire house warm, unless certain measures are taken in terms of ventilation. This may include creating vents that do not already exist, or allowing air to pass through previous vents. Even then, it would be hard to keep the entire house warm.

Final Thoughts

    For those who want a clean, safe, and efficient heating stove, then this is the one for you. All of the Drolet Compak Wood Stoves are efficient in terms of heating a home, cottage, camp or any other area, but certain models are better than others when considering size, maximum output, and other specifications.

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