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Chimney Brush

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A chimney brush is one cleaning item to consider with your chimney. Chimney cleaning requires the proper tools to get the job done safely and cleanly.

First, you want to make sure your brush is properly sized. If your brush is too big, obviously it could become lodged in your chimney. If it is too small, it may not be able to deliver enough force to cut the accumulated creosote and materials from the walls. Unfortunately, chimneys are not built to a standard size so you will need to measure first to see what size it is.

Different chimney types will require different types of brushes and different types of measurements. For most metal and pre-fabricated chimneys you have to take off the cap. Use the length across the chimney's inner diameter. Use this number to select a brush with the same size, not too wide or too narrow. You'll want to pick either a poly or round wire brush as those won't harm the inner metal lining.

A masonry chimney needs to be measured across the inner flue in both directions. If your chimney liner is oval, then our recommendation is to purchase a brush that is a big as the hole is rectangular and then cut down the brush to make it oval. Wire bristle brushes are a great choice for the job. For improved scraping ability, consider flat wires brushes. they are stiffer and they provide better scraping ability due to their angles. This can help remove nasty glaze creosote.

For metal chimneys, again stay with the poly chimney brushes as they will not ruin the metal finish. Standard brushes may not get the job done as they are not flexible enough to get around many curves and bends. Consider a pre-fabricated poly brush as they offer flexibility. For a longer chimney you will definitely want to think about chimney rods as well to extend the length of your cleaning.


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