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Wood Stove Fan

Wood Stove Fan: Types and Uses
Wood stoves are great if the heat is needed only in one room or near the stove. However if the heat is required in the neighboring area such as some other room or in the kitchen then in comes the role played by a Wood Stove Fan.

Advantages of a wood stove fan:

  • The wood stove fan will help boost up the air circulation thus the radiant heat from the stove is made available in distant areas of the room and also in near by rooms.
  • The wood stove fan will reduce the hot and cold regions and will distribute the heat evenly all over the place
  • The wood stove fan will enhance the efficiency of a wood stove. Less of fuel will be utilized with the use of a wood stove fan, than to get the same results from the wood stove alone.

Types of Wood Stove Fans:

  • Electric Fans: Performance of the electric fan to distribute heat is good; however the use of electric fan will incur additional expense of higher electricity bills. Moreover the electric fans are not able to bear the excessive heat generated by the wood stove and they get damaged easily.
  • Self Powered Fans: These are the eco-friendly fans that use the heat generated by wood stove. The heat is used by the fan in different ways. In one of the wood stove fan sterling engine is used. The engine gets heat from the stove to develop hot air inside. Then the piston of the engine in turn is responsible to rotate the fan blades to distribute heat outside the stove. Other fans work on Peltier Seedback effect method. Here low voltage electricity is generated within the device which is used to turn the fan blades. These self powered wood stove fans are so designed that they can bear the excess heat generated by the wood stove. Consider the Ecofan for this type of fan.

When you venture out to buy a wood stove fan in the market or on the internet check its features before you buy. An ideal wood stove fan should work in silence and should not create unwanted noise in the house. Check also for the durability of the fan. The materials used should be of high quality that can withstand the heat of the wood stove. You can easily get a high efficiency wood stove fan with your wood stove retailer and it generally comes with one year of warranty.


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